Secure your valuables, relax and have fun!

About Lock and Go!

  • Lock and Go! Will offer a secure place to store your valuables at an affordable price in a convenient location
  • Completely power independent – powered by the sun. Solar panels on the roof and a battery bank provides clean green energy
  • Our vans will be located at high visibility sites adjacent to the beach
  • Links with Crime Stoppers, Qld Police Service
  • High tech security protects your investment with video cameras, back to base security, GPS tracking
  • Manned at all times by operators who are Qld Police Service checked
  • Affordable and convenient
  • You close it, you open it – individual self assigned PIN numbers per locker
  • Storage for all of your small valuables from IPads to phones to wallets, purses and handbags, car keys, motorcycle helmets
  • Every locker has a USB charging port for mobile devices such as phones, iPads, GoPros
  • Pricing plans are simple and easy to understand
  • Visa/MasterCard and Paywave payments all accepted
  • Weekly/monthly/permanent accounts available for regular users


Key Benefits

The venue/council/tourism board

  • Builds confidence in tourists, enhances reputation of venue as a safe place
  • Reduces need for security patrols, on costs of enforcement by police and other authorities
  • Employment opportunities for locals

The User

  • Inexpensive, simple and elegant solution
  • No need to buy and carry extra items to the beach
  • Use as required – swim, run – have fun knowing your valuables are securely locked
  • Charge your phone while you have fun
  • Gives patrons/customers peace of mind
  • Regular users/hotels/resorts/tour operators will have an account or pre-purchased voucher option

Lock and Go contributes a percentage of profits to support Surf Lifesaving Queensland.

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