Sick of worrying about your car keys, phone and wallet/purse while you are having a swim or competing in a fun run/triathlon or “connes” (Gromit for surfing competition)?   

Did you know that replacing a smart key for a modern car may cost hundreds of dollars?   

Ever been at the beach and wanted to post a selfie but your phone is dead?  

Introducing Lock and Go!

A mobile secure system of lockers that will be coming to a venue near you soon. Come and check out our first Lock and Go! truck at North Burleigh Surf Lifesaving Club on the beautiful Gold Coast.

Secure your valuables, relax and have fun!

I can relax knowing my shit is safe from land sharks! M Fanning

We need a Lock and Go at Snapper. Had my brand new $400 GoPro ripped there last year. Spew’n! C Bennett

Lock and Go Location

Adjacent to North Burleigh Surf Club
More locations coming soon?

North Burleigh

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